Kyokushin Karate Club
Dojo Etiquette:

Shoes should be removed before entering the dojo.

All karate-ka should bow with clenched fists and give an 'osu' upon entering the dojo.

Blackbelts should be addressed by their title (ie Senpai for 1st and 2nd dans, Sensei for 3rd or 4th dans and Shihan for 5th dans and above) and not by their forename when in the dojo.

Students late for class should kneel at the back of the class in seiza and wait to be called in by the instructor.

Students should not remove any part of their gi unless asked by the instructor, and the dojo should not be used as a changing room if changing rooms are provided.

Do not eat, smoke or chew gum in the dojo.

Never practice kumite unless an instructor is present, do not ask a senior grade to practice kumite with you.

Do not break rank without permission from the instructor, or walk between rows or between the instructor and the front of the class.

Do not talk or whisper in the line.

Instructions from the instructor should be followed immediately and without question, and students should also give a loud 'osu' when complying.

Turn away from the front of the class to adjust your gi or belt when necessary.

Gis should be washed clean and neat at all times, belts should be aired dry but never washed.

Jewellery should not be worn during training, or when wearing the gi.

Toenails and fingernails should be kept short and hands, feet and nails should be washed clean for training. Students should generally ensure they maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, no one wants to train with somebody who is dirty.

Be sure to go to the toilet before training as a blow to a full bladder can be dangerous. It is also advisable to avoid eating for at least one hour prior to training.

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